girl-holding-baby-happy-no-odorsThe inspiration for ODOR VAULT came from our own personal experiences as parents and pet owners coupled with our 30 plus years of experience in the plastic packaging design industry. We called on our expertise to solve a common problem using our knowledge of materials, manufacturing techniques and technology to successfully develop the patent pending ODOR VAULT.

Pet waste was smelling up the garage. No matter what we used to dispose of it, the garbage can always smelled bad. The baby's changing area was a special challenge. Foul smelling soiled disposable diapers were put in all the popular diaper disposal systems. Even still, the bad odors remained constant with no real solution available.

We looked far and wide but could not find any product that efficiently controlled these and other foul smelling odors.

For years, the only products available tried to mask, absorb, or control odors. They range from sprays to absorbers, to plug-ins, to plastic bags to diaper disposal systems. The results vary from totally ineffective to semi-effective at best. None of these products deal with odors like ODOR VAULT does.

We set out to develop a product that would contain all odors, period. With our experience in the area of high barrier packaging, we knew we could come up with a way to solve these problems. Along with the desire to find a solution to deal with one of today's most common nuisance and health issues, our 30 plus years of experience in the plastic packaging industry became the foundation for product development. Taking nearly two years to develop,

Our containers are the first and only product to effectively CONTAIN ALL ODORS, INDEFINITELY!